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Aug 01, 2020 · China Self-loading concrete mixer manufacturer Talenet Group supplies quality 1.2cbm, 1.8cbm, 2.6cbm, 3.5cbm, 4cbm, 5.5cbm, 6.5cbm, self loading concrete mixer trucks with reasonable price. Self loading concrete mixers are a kind of practical and flexible concrete mixers with truck.

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Our self-loading concrete mixer for sale can produce four tank concrete at one hour. 3. Seat of driving cab is very comfortable, there is refrigerator. 4. Produce 150 cubic meter concrete, if the mixer works 8 to 10 hours one day. 5. We use brand part, such as, hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump and reducer.

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Self loading concrete mixer truck is a unique machine designed for batching, mixing and transporting concrete. Compared with traditional concrete mixer truck, the machine can achieve self-loading by fitting with a loading bucket. The self loading mixer truck is ideally suited to small projects which require smaller volume of cement.

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Self loading concrete truck mixer mainly mixes plastic concrete and semi-plastic concrete. Talenet self loading concrete mixers have many types for your reference: 1.2cub, 1.8cub, 2.6cub, 3.5cub, 4cub, 5.5cub and 6.5cub. Although compact, this is a high productivity vehicle.

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Jun 08, 2020 · Self-loading Concrete Mixers. The mixer allows you to save on labor costs and you can finish your projects faster. The high-quality parts ensure that the machine is going to work for a long time without having any problems. The cab is large enough for one person and it will be easy for people to get around when they use this mixer.

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Self-loading concrete mixer for sale can achieve the function of automatic feeding, mixing, transportation, and automatic unloading in this one machine.In Philippines, these models of self loading concrete mixer truck are popular, including 1.2cub, 2.6cub, 3.2cub and 4cub.If you need a self-loading mixer truck machine and you don't know how to choose a suitable model, you can refer to our

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Why choose Talenet self loading mobile concrete mixer truck All our products are built with high quality components, which are sourced from reputable suppliers in the industry. We have a professional technical team to design the most suitable and economical equipment to maximize your productivity and your return on investment.

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The construction cost of small simple concrete batching plant includes equipment cost, site rental cost, labor cost, raw material cost, etc. all the costs add up to a lot of Self Loading Concrete Mixer. 1m3 - 6m3. 18kw - 110kw. $1500 ~ $9000. Concrete pump truck. 90m3/h - 180m3/h. 18kw - 110kw. $1500 ~ $9000. Fill in your requirements to

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Answer: There are many ways to make concrete. In addition to the traditional manual mixing method and the concrete batching plant, a simple and flexible concrete production method is to make use of the self loader concrete mixer. It is a high automatic self loading concrete mixer truck. It only

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HMC400 Self-loading Concrete Mixer is a mini-mobile concrete batching plant, its capacity Of one Batch is 4m3, it owns all the functions of concrete batching plant, loading, weighing, pumping, mixing, travel, discharge and washing. It can produce concrete independently and efficiently in remote areas.

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Feb 07, 2020 · Since self loading mobile concrete mixer is multifunctional, many other equipment are not needed such as water truck, mixer, loader,etc. This helps greatly save equipment cost and labor cost. 6.

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Kk infrastructure Services is a well known Ajax Fiori Rental Company in Rajasthan, engaged in providing Ajax Fiori Rental Services in Rajasthan Ajax Fiori On Rent! Ajax concrete mixer on hire basis Self loading Concrete mixer for rent Ajax fiori self loading concrete mixer on Rent (2cum) All over Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, ajmer, pokhran, kota

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What is the differences of concrete mixer truck and self loading concrete mixer. Mobile concrete mixer truck and self-load concrete mixer are both convenient construction vehicle that stir and transport concrete to working sites, but for self loading concrete mixing truck, it also can feed, mix, meter and discharge by its own.

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We are self loading concrete mixer manufacturer, and we can supply users different types of self loading rough terrain concrete mixers: 1.2cub, 1.8cub, 2.6cub, 3.2cub, 4cub and 6.5cub. Our self loading concrete mixer truck adopt imported hydraulic parts, which ensures the reliable quality and long lifespan of the truck…

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1990s The Journey Begins. 1992. AJAX Engineering, India and Fiori S.p.A, Italy, partnered to Manufacture & Distribute Self Loading Concrete Mixers (SLCM) in India; incorporating AJAX Fiori Pvt Ltd in Bengaluru, India. The same year, JS Reddy became the first owner of an SLCM in India, purchasing the imported Airone, featuring a 2 cu m mixing drum capacity.

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Ajax Engineering Pvt Ltd is India's leading Concreting equipment manufacturer. With Best price we are the Global leader in Self Loading Concrete Mixers, with 3 dedicated state-of-the-art facility for its product lines. 30 dealer spread across India and SAARC Countries with 87 touch points for after sales support and 2 Service Centers. Our machines cater to Irrigation, Roads & All