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Flowserve has been trusted for more than 80 years to design, manufacture and distribute mechanical seals, sealing systems and parts to customers worldwide. Our collection of mechanical seals is supported by strong aftermarket services, and provides users with safety and environmental benefits. Flowserve seals are used on a variety of rotating equipment, including pumps, compressors, mixers, …

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This is a section of the pull-out unit for a concrete volute pump; the unit has all of the mechanical components of the pump. Typical shaft diameters of the larger pumps are in the 12 to 16 inch range. The grease seals and the water seals, which are in the upper and lower bearing housings, are not shown to eliminate clutter.

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Mechanical Seal Series 2U. Series 2U is a single conical helical spring, unbalanced seal with '0' ring as secondary sealing member. Various seal face materials and elastomers can be offered for wide service application. As the torque transmission is done by conical helical spring these seals are dependent of the direction of rotation.

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1. Mechanical seals should be removed, assembled, and/or adjusted according to the seal manufacturer's instructions. There should be no leakage from the volute except for a brief break in period. 2. Check that motor is up to speed; check motor manufacturer instruction for periodic maintenance requirements. 3.

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MANUFACTURER OF INDUSTRIAL PUMPS & MECHANICAL SEALS . Our team of domain experts are constantly engaged in innovating, researching and developing quality pump and seals. Every pump is tested with hydraulic pressure for mechanical seal, volute casing and casing cover. Read More.

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Mechanical Seals. API 682 Seals; Dry Gas Seal; Split Seals; Agitated nutsche filters (ANF) Boiler Feed Water Seal; High Pressure Seals; Concrete Volute Pump Seals; DIN 24960 Seals; Special Mechanical Seals; Bellow Seals; Pump Seals-Pusher Seals; Agitator Seals-Single Seals. Agitator Single Seals For SS Reactors; Agitator Single Seals For Glass

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Mechanical Seal Series 88B2. Series 88B2 is multiple springs externally mounted reverse balanced seal with O-ring as secondary sealing member. Various seal face materials and elastomers can be offered for wide service application. This seal can also be used for corrosive services as the metallic components do not come in contact with liquid to

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Sealmatic Delivers Mechanical Seal Type BGH201 Split Seal - Size 425 mm For Concrete Volute Pump. 28th March, 2021.

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Chemineer Reactor For Handling Polypropylene Slurry Service (800 BB/CK) Turbine Pump Seal (1000 VKT) Double Back to Back Special Seal Designed For Rotary Furnace Seal Size 512mm (LPM 850 / LPM 850) Triple Acting Specially Engineered Seal For Bottom Entry Shaft Ekato Reactor (90B3/800BB/CK) Balanced High Pressure Seal Developed For 180 bar And 350C Water Service (F900B/900B/CK) Cartridge Construction Double Seal …

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Flowserve Pumps :: Model MPT 30 Pump-Self Prime, 3" w/flanged suct/disch. - std. Regular price $ 3,715.00 Save $ -3,715.00. KEY FEATURES: The Flowserve MPT is a proven self-priming, solids handling pump. The result of a long and successful association with leaders in the construction and waste water industries, the MPT's simple design

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Apr 26, 2017 · Mechanical seals do wear out over time. Friction, heat and other factors contribute. Improper installation. If the mechanical seal is replaced and the new seal is not properly installed, this can lead to a quick failure of your new mechanical seal. Motor lip seal failure. If one of the many situations (see "What happened to my Motor Lip Seal

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Having developed the first concrete volute pump in the 1920s, Flowserve is a global leader in the design and manufacture of CVP concrete volute pumps. Made of prefabricated concrete segments for the volute housing and intake suction bell with a metallic pullout rotor, CVP pumps are integrated into the civil construction to reduce installation costs.

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12.3.2 Concrete volute pumps . The volute shuttering is normally provided by the civil contractor to the pump manufacturer's dimensions, and can be re-used on all pumps on the same contract. Access to the bottom bearing and mechanical seal is gained from within the tubing.


12 LIQUIDYNE PUMP SHAFT SEALS LIQUIDYNE PUMP SHAFT SEALS 13 REAL STORY: STORK REAL STORY: STORK As a pump manufacturer with a rich and long history, we have ample experience in designing pumps. The shaft seal is an essential part of our pumps. In the past, Stork Pumps often used compression gland packing and mechanical seals. ERIC DE PAAUW

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Manufacturer Information. Chesterton is a world leader in helping process-industry companies and manufacturers improve the reliability and efficiency of their rotating, stationary, and fluid power equipment platforms. Chesterton is known across a wide range of industries for our award-winning pump and valve sealing solutions, applications

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ANSI Pump Mechanical Seals. Robco will manufacture an assembly style or cartridge style mechanical seal to fit your pumping system be it centrifugal, positive displacement, progressive cavity, or a sanitary pump. Horizontal, vertical, end suction, split case or volute style. Robco will seal it. Quickly and efficiently.